Where are InstantKegs.com’s kegs made?

InstantKegs.com inventories kegs manufactured by a number of vendors in China. The Instant Kegs team travels to our preferred vendors each year to ensure the highest quality keg is being manufactured. With safety standards and testing results that exceed many of those kegs manufactured all over Europe and North America, InstantKegs.com is proud to offer and stand behind this manufacturer’s kegs.

What type of spears are used?

All of our kegs are outfitted with D-System, drop-in Sankey Spears by Micromatic.

Are the kegs cleaned, passivated and ready to fill once they are delivered?

Each keg is passivated and rinsed as one of the final stages of production. However, we encourage all customers to give these new kegs a proper cleaning to avoid any possibility of contamination or debris entering the inside of the keg before the spear is dropped in.

How quickly will I receive my keg order?

InstantKegs.com inventories thousands of each size keg. Our kegs are in-stock and ready to ship as soon as they are ordered. Depending on your location, we can have kegs to you 1-5 business days. If you customize your order with laser-etching or silk screening, your order may require a few additional days to deliver.

How do I get my kegs customized?

Contact services@instantkegs.com for details on customization. InstantKegs.com is proud to provide FREE laser-etched customization on all orders for a limited time. For this customization, we will collect a vector file of your logo (.ai format preferred) and send you a picture of your logo etched on a test keg for your final approval.

We encourage any silk screened orders to contact our team before you complete your online order. Our team will collect some information that will allow us to properly determine lead-time and costs.

What is laser-etched customization?

InstantKegs.com is able to customize keg orders using a quick and permanent laser-etching process. With two fiber laser marking machines in-house, InstantKegs.com will plug in your logo to the laser software and etch your logo around the body of each keg. This customization uses a fiber laser to engrave the surface of the keg while the heat generated from the laser leaves a solid dark outline or fill.

This customization is done in-house and only requires a few hours to complete large orders. Contact our team at services@instantkegs.com for more information or a test run of your logo.

How many kegs do I order to maximize my shipping efficiency?

InstantKegs.com does not have a minimum or maximum order size. To save on freight costs, we encourage customers to order and ship complete pallets. If your order includes multiple keg sizes and you do not need to fill a full pallet, InstantKegs.com encourages customers to fill complete “layers” on a pallet.

Each fully loaded pallet contains 3 “layers” of kegs:

  • 27 1/2 barrel kegs to a full pallet (9 per layer)
  • 48 1/4 barrel kegs to a full pallet (16 per layer)
  • 75 1/6 barrel kegs to a full pallet (25 per layer)

By ordering full pallets or complete “layers”, the buyer minimizes the shipping cost while maximizing the number of kegs shipped.

Smaller orders, typically under 4 1/6 barrel kegs or 2 1/2 barrel kegs, can be shipped by FedEx and avoid the cost of freight.

Will these kegs work for my kegerator?

Yes, most kegerators are constructed with the fittings to connect with Sankey spears. Filling and cleaning these kegs should be left to those commercial establishments with the proper equipment.

Should I follow Instant Kegs on Social Media?

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